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The Impact We Have as Fab Maven

By providing a safe space and judgment-free zone and resources, Fab Maven equips women with tools that promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Currently, the brands own website and social media platforms are the primary avenues of communication with other women. Chaya envisions The Maven Movement becoming a worldwide phenomenon, leading to television, radio, podcasts and global conferences that cater to the heart, mind, body and spirit of all women. The possibilities are limitless!

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The Maven Movement is Here to Stay!

Millions of women battle immense hardships and trauma every day, either in the present or from their pasts, and yet commit their lives finding opportunities to heal and move forward. Fab Maven helps women from all backgrounds, including those facing hardships and trauma from chronic illness, major loss, abuse, sexual assault, trafficking, and depression, do just that by connecting through shared experiences. Fab Maven is the ultimate symbol of strength, optimism and hope, empowering women by helping them to find their individual and collective voices. The logo, merchandise, forums and subsequent events derived from this movement will create a generation of healed, resilient, fabulous women.

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Who is Chaya K.B. ( The Founder of the Movement )

The Maven Movement is managed by President and CEO Chaya K.B. a passionate volunteer and professional of women’s issues, spiritual and life coaching. Fab Maven’s parent company Life Enterprises LLC was officially incorporated in 2017, primarily to promote health and fitness through dance and lifestyle changes.   Unfortunately, shortly after launching the company, Chaya was diagnosed with chronic illnesses and a fair share of life challenges, that prevented her from pursuing fitness in the way she originally planned. She then decided to turn her pain into passion and alas Fab Maven was created.   Once she realized the need for women to have access to a ‘”pick me up” when one may otherwise be unavailable, the grassroots movement that is now Fab...

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